The new cloud platform for RU, IMs, leasing companies and maintainers

RAILBASE is an upcoming platform that for the first time allows the management, operation and maintenance of railway vehicles and railway infrastructure in one application. Thus, RAILBASE ensures continuous, digital processes in your company.

RAILBASE - the basis for efficient railway processes

RAILBASE has railway DNA

and is developed by railway experts exclusively for the railway industry. All railway specifics are already on board and guarantee rapid integration in your company at low project costs.

RAILBASE is intuitive

and is developed with great attention to user-friendliness. For you, this means short training for new colleagues as well as high user acceptance and satisfied employees.

RAILBASE is extensive

and covers all core processes of operations and maintenance, including commercial processes. You only need one system and thus, achieve efficient and high-quality processes in your daily business.

RAILBASE means cloud

and is developed for it. As your business grows, RAILBASE automatically scales with it. You always get good performance and costs only incur for services that you actually need and only for those users that were registered per month.
RAILBASE supports the upcoming RAILDEX standard for the digital order process between ECM 3 and ECM 4.


RAILBASE offers a wide range of functions and covers all core processes of operations and maintenance, including the associated commercial processes.

The Asset Management & Maintenance segment takes into account both discrete and linear assets. This allows you to manage not only your fleet, but also your rail infrastructure. In the area of Rail Traffic & Dispatching, the focus is on rail freight traffic as well as plant and depot traffic.

Depending on your company, you can flexibly compile the required range of functions from over 30 individual RAILBASE modules. You can expand and reduce your selection on a monthly basis. For you, this means: maximum flexibility, no long-term commitment, no unnecessary costs.

asset management & maintenance

rail traffic & dispatching

commercial functionalities

asset management & maintenance

  • Reports for monitoring ECM functions 2 to 4​
  • Asset performance management​
  • Definition and release of maintenance plans​
  • Definition and release of repair plans​
  • Management of instructions​
  • Qualification specifications​
  • Definition of articles/material, spare parts​
  • Evaluation of defects​
  • Determining improvements in the fleet​
  • Operational data management
  • Fleet monitoring​
  • Scheduling of maintenance​
  • Damage and Fault management ​
  • Order management​
  • Component and material management​
  • Project management​
    (e.g. refits)
  • Workorders​
  • Workshop management​
  • Material management​
  • Warehouse management​
  • Damage inspection​
  • Time recording and completion messages​
  • Recording of technical data​
  • Quality assurance​
  • Qualification management​
  • Measurement equipment management

rail traffic & dispatching​

  • Definition of transport services​
  • Train path management​
  • Target timetable​
  • Long-term track occupancy planning
  • Transportation planning​
  • Circulation and parking planning​
  • Duty scheduling / rostering​
  • Track occupancy planning​
  • Planning the optimization and alternative planning
  • Conflict detection​
  • Dispatching of traction units​
  • Dispatching of wagons​
  • Dispatching of personnel​
  • Short-term train path management (spot traffic)
  • Train formation / train splitting​
  • Execution of train runs​
  • Shunting operations​
  • Connection operations​
  • Condition monitoring​
  • Location monitoring​
  • Train pre-announcements​
  • Graphical track diagrams​
  • Train accompanying documents​
  • Damaged wagon management

commercial functionalities​

  • Price lists management​
  • Commercial definition of transport services​
  • Calculation of maintenance services​
  • Calculation of transport services​
  • Calculation of general Services
  • Rental contracts​
  • ECM contracts​
  • Transport contracts​
  • Contract tracking
  • Preparation of offers for maintenance services​
  • Preparation of offers for transport services​
  • Commissioning of maintenance services
  • Definition of accounting rules​
  • Rental invoicing​
  • Invoicing of maintenance services​
  • Invoicing of transport services​
  • Interface to financial accounting and ERP systems

Success with strong partners and funding

RAILBASE and the new RAILDEX standard are based on many years of experience and development. Funding from the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport within the federal programme “Zukunft Schienengüterverkehr” (Future of Rail Freight Transport) plays an important role here.

DISTINplus funding project:
Digital networking and standardisation in the maintenance process for locomotives and rail freight wagons in the ECM context.

In addition to the project partner UAS Erfurt, numerous associated partners are involved in the project. The partners are major companies in the railway industry. This way, the know-how of an entire industry flows bundled into our RAILBASE solution, which benefits you as a market participant.


Associated partners


RAILBASE is a product and brand of Sternico GmbH.

Sternico has been providing innovative software solutions for companies in the railway industry for more than 20 years. For detailed information on our services and products, please visit our company website:

Frequently asked questions

We are frequently asked these questions regarding RAILBASE.

OK, the most difficult question right at the beginning. The answer is: It depends…

RAILBASE development stretches over several years, during which new functionalities are continuously added. The timing is therefore related to the required functionalities in your company. We would be happy to discuss this timing with you in a personal meeting.

In general, the functionalities of the Asset Management & Maintenance segment will be available earlier than the full scope in the Rail Traffic & Dispatching segment. The first existing customers will have access to RAILBASE in 2023.

RAILBASE will be available in two editions: RAILBASE Basic and RAILBASE Professional.

We will provide the Basic Edition completely free of charge. This applies to both the use and the associated data management.

The monthly costs for the RAILBASE Professional Edition depend on the type and number of users in your company as well as the desired modules. We would be happy to calculate your resulting price together with you during a product presentation.

Yes, we will provide a free RAILBASE Basic Edition. The range of functions is limited to the ECM 3 and ECM 4 functionalities within the area of maintenance .

All functionalities necessary to serve the new RAILDEX standard will be included in the RAILBASE Basic Edition. More detailed information will be made available on this website soon.

Yes, RAILBASE will be distributed as an update to all COMAP and DISPOLINO customers. After we have performed the update, you can seamlessly continue working with your data.We prepare your individual update time in the long term and coordinate the whole procedure including training with you.

Of course, you can test RAILBASE. Our support team is continuously available during the entire test period to advise you and answer your questions. Simply contact us.
Your IT does not need to meet any special requirements. RAILBASE runs on any computer on which a current version of Chrome or Edge is installed. All that is required is access to the Internet. RAILBASE is completely cloud-based. This means: As your tasks grow, RAILBASE automatically scales with them and you always get ideal performance.

We have developed RAILBASE together with proven safety and technology experts according to the current state of the art. In order to continue to offer you the latest security standards, we have a comprehensive security test carried out every year.

Did you know? Sternico is also certified according to ISO 9001 and 27001.

All your data is encrypted on Microsoft servers. Neither Microsoft nor Sternico or other parties have access to it.

Your data is stored exclusively in Germany and is subject to German and European data protection laws.

Since RAILBASE is a cloud-based system, it can be made available anywhere in the world (provided that the respective country allows access to Microsoft Azure). Currently, we deliver RAILBASE in German, English and French. You need another language? Additional languages can be added at any time without any problems.

RAILBASE automatically adapts to the device you are using, so that our interface and its content are always optimally displayed. For certain areas in RAILBASE, we will develop special apps optimized for the respective devices. These areas will of course also be available to you offline.

In the development of RAILBASE, we have given special consideration accessibility.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Keyboard accessibility: functionalities are accessible via keyboard and keyboard traps are eliminated.
  • Focus order: Content and its focus are implemented in a logical tab order. The logical order is also implemented visually.
  • Input assistance: To avoid errors, the user is given assistance, for example when entering forms. If errors are made, these are identified and displayed to the user.

By the way: For our customers, whose employees often work in a dark environment, we have developed a special dark mode.

Do you have further questions about RAILBASE?
No problem, just contact us, we will not leave any question unanswered.

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